Mood-Boosting Hearing Aids

Mood-Boosting Hearing Aids
Jan 2023

Bernafon showcased the positive impact that its music-focused 'Viron' hearing aids can have on wearers' mental and physical health. The design philosophy for the Viron is based around what Bernafon calls 'True Environment Processing (TEP),' a trademarked term for the company's audio balancing, and signal-processing software.

With TEP, the Viron hearing aids offer high sound fidelity, customizable settings based on the environment the wearer finds themselves in, and zero compromises to the wearer's ability to hear speech clearly in loud environments. This means, whether at a club, bar, concert, or in a quiet office building, the earbuds offer perfect sound balancing tailored to the wearer's listening abilities.

Bernafon states that the balanced audio, combined with high-fidelity music when needed, will have a positive effect on mood by regulating emotions and feelings by activating certain areas of the brain. Additionally, these hearing aids reduce stress and stress-related hormones through relaxing and soothing music. Lastly, the Viron leverages music's ability to promote and improve memory and other cognitive-related functions.
Image Credit: Bernafon

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