Modular Timeless Outdoor Furniture

Modular Timeless Outdoor Furniture
Art & Design
May 2023

The new MASS outdoor furniture collection is designed by both Todd Bracher and GANDIABLASCO. The capsule is made up of designs that are prepared for the outdoor environment. It features upholstered modular designs that highlight the Mediterranean lifestyle heritage of GANDIABLASCO. The collection features five components -- there are two symmetrical seat modules and backrests as one of the backrests is a different length.
Bracher states, "My designs are based on the idea of irreducible complexity: a good design needs all its individual components in the right place to be able to work. The rest is noise. MASS tries to address a real need from authenticity and to put furniture design at the service of the user experience, and that need is to foster interaction and interconnection in a scalable and flexible way."
Image Credit: Todd Bracher, GANDIABLASCO