Low-Sugar Sweetener Syrups

Low-Sugar Sweetener Syrups
May 2023

Demand for lower sugar food products continues to grow, so brands are taking notice with new offerings like these Ciranda syrups that are formulated with the needs of consumers in mind.
The syrups from the North America-based food ingredients brand include the Agave Syrup AL40, Tapioca Syrup RS18 and the Agave Syrup IN10. Each of the syrups are suitable for use where traditional syrups would be used in beverages, desserts, bars, ice cream, gummies and much more. The products are sure to greatly enhance the capacities of food and beverage producers alike.
Director of Go-To-Market Don Trouba spoke on the new Ciranda syrups saying, "At Ciranda, we listen closely to our customers, and we repeatedly heard them say their options to reduce sugar were limiting. In response, we collaborated with our global partners to develop three syrups, sourced from agave and tapioca, that help with sugar reduction. With these new products, brands can now achieve sugar reduction while staying true to their certifications and clean label goals."
Image Credit: Yaroslav Shuraev