Loki Showrunner Responds to Russell T. Davies’ criticism of the Show’s LGBTQ+ Representation

Loki Showrunner Responds to Russell T. Davies’ Criticism of the Show’s LGBTQ+ Representation

The queer woman behind Loki has responded to Russell T. Davies calling the show’s LGBTQ+ representation a “ feeble gesture.”
While the Disney+ show Loki wasn’t as gay as many <a href="https://” > fans hoped, it still confirmed that Loki was the first queer character in the Marvel Cinematic Universe to star in their own movie or TV show, and it was a big <a href="https://” > moment for many <a href="https://” > fans. But others didn’t see it that way.
In an episode of the show, Loki and his female variant Sylvie are sitting together, getting to know each other. When Sylvie asks him if he’s been in love, if there are any <a href="https:// <a href="https://” >” > princesses, or <a href="https:// <a href="https://” >” > princes out there, Loki replies “a bit of both,” confirming his character is bisexual.

In an interview at Swansea University last year, Russell T. Davies, the creator of queer classics like Queer as Folk, Cucumber, Years and Years, and It’s a Sin, said of the exchange: “It’s like one word! He said the word ‘prince’ and we’re meant to go, ‘Thank you, Disney, aren’t you marvelous!’ It’s pathetic!”
He continued, saying, “it’s a ridiculous, craven, feeble gesture towards the vital politics of the stories that should be told. So, they will damn us with their condescension in the end. So that’s my worry now.”
Now, in a recent <a href=" russell-t-davies-bisexual-1235276689/” target=”_blank”> interview with Variety, Loki‘s out, queer showrunner Kate Herron is responding to Davies’ criticism.
“I don’t disagree that there should be bigger stories being told, but- and I think he has a right to his opinion – I’m very proud of what we did in the show,” she said.
“Russell is a hero of mine, but like I’ve said, I hope that we did at least open the door and that more stories will come,” she added.
Both of them make good points. Davies is absolutely right that Disney has been feeding the LGBTQ+ crumbs of representation for years and expecting praise for it. Herron is also right that she worked and fought hard to get the representation that she did and that it was a huge step forward for both Marvel and Disney.
With many queer MCU characters keep having their sexuality erased (Speed, Wiccan, Ayo, America Chavez), having Loki say that he is interested in “<a href="https:// <a href="https://” >” > princes” is actually a groundbreaking <a href="https://” > moment.

Hopefully, more queer creators like Herron, and even Davies, will get chances to work on major projects like Disney+ shows and Marvel projects and get to introduce more radical depictions of queerness into them soon.

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